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French Bulldog Price

The french bulldog price vary according to color, registration, age and gender, for all cases it is clear that the French bulldog is an expensive dog due to the care that must be taken when breeding a breed of this type, the most characteristic elements that impact the price are:
• These dogs are born by caesarean section
• Artificial insemination is required for its reproduction
• The care that must be taken when they are babies is too many, since they should be fed every 2 hours during the first 15 days.
• Not all babies are raised because it is a very sensitive breed
• Dog registration (AKC)
• Trajectory and experience of the breeder
• Recollection of parents before some clubs

The most common colors in the French bulldog are cream, black and white, therefore, are the most economical, ranging between $ 1,800 and $ 2,000.
The colors blue, Merle, Tan are exotic colors therefore the prices range between $ 3,500 and $ 10,000, are named as there are few dogs that transmit this type of genetics.
In each country the price of the French bulldog is different, United States Europe have similar prices.
In conclusion, the French bulldog is an expensive and luxury pet, but at the same time it is a dog suitable for all types of property, it is also a dog that has a very good relationship with children.

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French Bulldog Price

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